The official ballot of the General Election in Paradise.

The General Election is the process by which the citizens of Paradise, Arizona choose electors for public offices. The day of the election is Wednesday, and the Postal Dude decides to vote, even if the system is flawed, because "he cares". Cock Asian hosts the balloting, and during the election, the Karaoke lounge of Cock Asian is guarded by the Police to ensure a safe process.

The ballot's design is quite confusing, prompting the Postal Dude to call its designer a moron, and then to say he doesn't even know who he is voting for. The public offices that are voted during the election are Mayor and Treasurer, Sheriff and Wildlife Containment Officer, and Manhole Inspector and Safety Regulator.

In the original A Week In Paradise, it is the School Daze and not Cock Asian where the balloting is hosted.

Electors for Mayor and TreasurerEdit


  • Phil M. Sanders - Mayor
  • Sancho Rito - Treasurer



  • Teri Hogan - Mayor
  • Hal Gore - Treasurer

Electors for Sheriff and Wildlife Containment OfficerEdit



  • Steven Segall - Sheriff
  • Sak Mun Ching - W.C.O.


  • Slappy Dyaboliko - Sheriff
  • Thassa Hewdgebich - W.C.O.

Electors for Manhole Inspector and Safety RegulatorEdit


  • Bob Rimmer - Manhole Inspector
  • Two-Toes Willy - Safety Inspector



  • Paula Jonez - Manhole Inspector
  • Krotchy - Safety Inspector


  • The ballot's design is reminiscent of the "butterfly ballot" used by Palm Beach County, FL, during the U.S. presidential election of 2000.
  • The ballot also pokes fun at the Chad disaster of the Butterfly Ballot by having the dude leave a hanging chad, and one chad not even making it all the way through the paper.
  • The name Hal Gore is a parody on the name of former US Vice President Al Gore
  • The name Teri Hogan is a reference to former Professional Wrestler Terry Gene Bollea better known as Hulk Hogan.

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