This page is dedicated to documenting the flaws of Postal III and how they can be fixed.

Problem #1: The Rights Edit

As things stand, Akella still owns the rights to the assets and the code of Postal III. Until control of the game is returned to Running With Scissors, there is no point working on the game as the only entity who would profit from it would be Akella.

Possible solutions Edit

  • The rights of Postal III are purchased from Akella by RWS or a third party.
  • Akella goes under with the rights reverted to RWS (assuming they don't go into limbo).
  • Whoever is running Akella decides to forfeit the rights to RWS, preferably with an apology.

Possible scenario Edit

It could be that Akella have lost the rights after their near bankruptcy and that the current version of Postal III on Steam exists in a void outside of anyone's control.

Problem #2: The Broken Russian Source Code Edit

Should the first problem be rectified, there is still the very broken mutilated Source Code to deal with. As can be seen with the current state of the game, much of the engine is a mess.

  1. NVidia PhysX running in tandem with Havok physics making things a mess.
  2. The act control DRM (partially alleviated by the NoDRM patch but causes instability).
  3. The fact that the game thinks it's running in First Person Mode despite being a Third Person game (this might not be an actual problem, it's most likely to ensure the game would have good accuracy).
  4. Need to activate controller support (scripts aren't active by default).
  5. All of the Source Code notes are in Russian.
  6. General Bug fixes

Possible solutions Edit

  • Porting the game to a clean version of the Source Engine (probably Source 2007 as that seems to be what the Postal III engine was based on). Essentially starting from scratch and a half.
  • Hiring a team of Russian coders to translate the notes and fix the engine code.

Problem #3: The Gameplay Edit

If the engine issues can be dealt with, then we have the actual game itself. This particular section can be considered subjective in many ways, as disagreements are going to happen.

  1. The cover system needs to be overhauled or removed.
  2. A proper inventory system needs to be implemented.
  3. Weapon selector needs to be implemented.
  4. Health packs added to maps.
  5. Regenerating health needs overhaul. (i.e incrasing the regen amount/decreasing the time)
  6. Jumping/dodging and crouching implemented (goes with removal of cover system).
  7. Melee weapon hitboxes need to be adjusted so they actually work.
  8. Various adjustments to weapons, specifically fixing broken ones.
  9. Levels need to be updated to properly facilitate the cover system (assuming it isn't just removed)
  10. Karma system removed (it doesn't work without an open world).

On the possibility of a more elaborate Free Roam Edit

While full-on freeroaming gameplay was in the initial planning, limitations of the Source Engine (specifically, the lack of level streaming) prevent this from coming about, forcing the post-release Free Roam "open world" level to include loading screens. To get around this, the game would have to be remade in a different engine, (such as Unreal Engine 3/4) to which it would be more rational to just make POSTAL 4.

Minor Problems Edit

Should it get to this point, then we are at minor issues that (even without the Source Code) can be fixed. Overall, these seem the be the easiest to implement.

  1. Basic map optimizations.
  2. Adjustments to AI.
  3. Fixing the level select screen to be less cumbersome.
  4. Ensuring the proper videos play after completing levels (I'm looking at you Police Station).
  5. Pissing needs to be togglable.
  6. Empty hands properly implemented.
  7. Load Zone signs added to "Free Roam" levels.

In summation Edit

It isn't an easy job to fix Postal III. Will take a team of coders who understand Russian and mappers to do it.

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