Fire in the Hole PL

Exterior of Fire in the Hole.

Not to be confused with the original Fire in the Hole.

Fire in the Hole is an area in Paradise Lost. It's a swanking night club in the Ashen Skies zone where one can find Milo Yiannopoulos, the club's owner. The club has replaced the old Fire in the Hole and Money Shot Laundromat.

First accessible on Thursday, The Postal Dude is given an errand to sabotage their open mic night for the Cole-Men.

He has the option to either peacefully sabotage or sabotage it with force.

If he chooses to do it peacefully, he'd sing all the songs available in a horrible manner, which will cause the club's guests to jeer at him, comment about his atrocious singing and leave the club.

Alternatively, the Dude can deliberately thrash the nightclub by destroying the audio-visual equipments using his foot or his baseball bat. However, this will cause Milo (on rare occasions), the bartender on duty and the dancing people to pull out their weapons and immediately attack him. Once this is done, the Dude's Wanted level increases sharply and the Lawmen will siege the club along with the Survivalists and try to attack or arrest him. If the Dude successfully deals with them, a Survivalist camping on the rooftop of the former Grossman's Arcade located directly opposite the club will start attacking him.

Gallery Edit

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