Father Winston
Father Winston talking to John at the Cathedral.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Cathedral
Status Dead
Played by E. Adam Thomas

Father Winston is the priest in charge of the administration of the Hasselridge Cathedral, and a close acquaintance to John Murray.

Many years ago, while practicing witchcraft, John's girlfriend Lorie Heath became possessed, so Father Winston decided to intervene. He took Lorie to his bedroom, tied her to his bed and was exorcising her while the Police arrived after noticing her disappearance and found Father Winston atop of her. The police came up with the conclusion that Father Winston was about to rape her, and did not believe he was just exorcising her. The police could not find any clues to prove Father Winston was raping Lorie, so he was freed. However, his name was not cleared. Mr. Murray, John's father, forbid his son to continue dating Lorie, fearing that Father Winston (whom he called a "fucking pedophile") might have transmitted some STD, but he never explained this reason to John. Because of this, Father Winston and John remained close.

After John escapes from the Happy Hill Asylum and arrives to his house at Hasselridge suburbs, Father Winston calls John and asks him to come to the Cathedral. When John arrives, Father Winston congratulates him for making Lorie go to mass again. John replies he had nothing to do with that, and believes it is weird someone getting their faith so abruptly. Later, John discovers the reasons behind his father's decision to forbid him to date Lorie, and is devastated, yet he swears he will get revenge on Father Winston.

John eventually arrives to the Cathedral and shoots Father Winston, mortally wounding him. In his last moments, Father Winston explains he did not rape Lorie, but was exorcising her when caught by the police. However, since the exorcism was interrupted, Lorie remained possessed. John then believes in Father Winston's words after putting some pieces of information on Lorie together, but nonetheless Father Winston dies from his injuries.

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