A Fag Hunter arcade machine.

Fag Hunter is an arcade game by Running With Scissors. There are several arcade machines all over Paradise for citizens to play the game, including Grossman's Arcade and Quarter Vortex.



The Clinic Area at night is the setting for Fag Hunter

Fag Hunter is one of the arcade games that has been adapted into a real mini-game, which is included in the original A Week In Paradise. To play the game, the Postal Dude must insert 4 tokens. The mini-game is only accessible through an arcade machine located at Grossman's Arcade.

The Postal Dude has to kill 20 fags to complete the mini-game, but if any hetero is killed, he has to return to the exit and start again. The main setting of Fag Hunter is the Clinic Area during night time. The prize after slaying all fags is a Rocket Launcher and four M@DJ@cK@L's Bong and some Weed. Additionally, anybody can be killed after the 20 fags have been killed.

Interestingly, if the dude lights himself on fire and spreads fire to the people this way, it will not count against him. This is also true for the Can of Stynx if used only to light the person, but not directly kill.


  • Strangely, when the player leaves the game, he will keep all the weapons, items and ammo he found within the game.
  • Following the release of the Share The Pain patch, all original Fag Hunter machines were retextured to Bastard Fish machines.
  • The name of the game is a pun on the 1983 arcade game Spy Hunter.

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