Eco zealot

An ecozealot wearing a duck mask.

The Ecotologists are an organization in Postal 3 who seek to punish those who torture animals. They usually wear animal masks (i.e: ducks, elephants) except for their leader, Al.


They first make an appearence in the Cash Mart where they seek to fund their operations. The Postal Dude has to choose whether to help them with the robbery in the bad path (in which case he recieves the Badger Saw) or if he is going to fight against them with the Police in the good path (in which case he will still recieve the Badger Saw as loot), alternativelly he can follow the Bad Path and kill everyone in the bank and still recieve the Badger Saw.

Depending on what path the Postal Dude takes, he will either fight against the Ecozealots or he will fight with them.


The Ecotologists are armed with a wide array of armament, wich includes:

  • The Assault Rifle
  • The Badger Saw, the unique weapon of the Ecotologists
  • The Bee hive, another unique weapon
  • The Machete

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