A box full of Doggie Treats, as well as 2 single ones.

The Doggie Treat is an item in Postal 2. One can be picked up seperately, or in a box. When dropped, the nearest dog will run to the treat and will eat it. From then on, that dog will follow the Postal Dude throughout the day, attacking anyone and anything that is a threat to Postal Dude until it is killed. More than one dog can be lured, increasing the brutality. Doggie Treats do work on hostile dogs but they require more treats to become friendly.

Doggie Treats also serve as health items, but they will increase health only by 1 hit point, and will cause the Postal Dude to cough in disgust.


  • The box for Doggie Treats says at the bottom right "Now 75% more polygons!", referring to the texture detail given to the box.
  • The name on the box is "Yappee's Dog Treats", which may be a reference to the "Weird Al" Yankovic movie UHF
  • It's possible to get many doggie treats by enabling Sissy mode, by typing in "boyandhisdog" into the console. The cheat code is named after the post-apocalyptic novel and movies named A Boy and his Dog.
  • Food items can be used to friend dogs too but this isn't advised since food heals you more than Doggie Treats.
  • 1 box contains at least 5 doggie treats
  • When the Postal Dude drops multiple doggie treats, he will drop what looks like only a single treat, but will actually hold all he dropped.

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