A group of demons watching the demon that possessed Lorie.

Demons are a group of characters unique to the third party mod Eternal Damnation. The demons are associated to Lorie Heath, a witch and girlfriend of John Murray, and are The Devil's servants. Except for the Devil himself, all demons are females. There are two types of demons: red and white.

The first red demon appears at the Subway and curses the train, so that it will "go to hell" in three minutes. The second and last red demon appears at the Cathedral as soon as John kills Father Winston. This demon is the one that possessed Lorie, since she speaks to John as if she was Lorie herself. This demon calls 30 zombies to fight off John while she does some satanic ritual along with a group of white demons. As soon as John destroys the 30 zombies, the demon herself fights John, using a katana. Though not a boss, this demon takes much more hit points to be defeated than the regular NPC.

Though John finishes the red demon, Lorie remains possessed and aligned with the Devil. After the combat with the red demon, Lorie appears and commands a group of 8 white demons to kill John. The white demons are armed with chainsaws, but are not as tough as the red demons. When John defeats the 8 white demons, he prepares for his final confrontation against Lorie.


  • Except for the demon at the Subway, all other demons, red and white, bear some resemblance to Lorie.

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