The Creature Control Center and Pets (CCCP) is an animal control centre and pet shop located in the west side of Paradise Mall in Paradise Lost. It has replaced the Toyz 'n tha Hood store and contains dogs, cats, an elephant, gun-wielding monkeys, and a secret area containing dinosaurs.

The "HAAT" or "Humanity Against Animal Testing" are protesting in front of Creature Control Center And Pets on Monday. When Postal Dude checks all dog kennels a female member of HAAT calls other members to break into an Animal Center to release all animals. She goes inside and shoots the fuse box with a pistol to release the elephant, then, the animal defecates on activist burying her in huge pile of elephant dung and blocking the exit. The Postal Dude must find an alternate way out while eliminating the other animal rights activists in his way.



  • The logo is a reference to the Soviet Union.
  • The secret area containing dinosaurs is unlocked only on Monday.
  • There is a Sawed-Off Shotgun from Tuesday onward.