Splatterpope and Postal Grrrl Edit

While many have seen the signs posted about in POSTAL 2, fewer know that this was an actual webcomic done by Steve Wik. It didn't last long as only three strips were ever produced.

Unfortunately, it seems the originals have been lost, all we have is what the Wayback Machine gives us.

Grrl-1 r1 c1
Grrl-1 r1 c2
Grrl-1 r1 c3
Episode-2-final-sm r1 c1
Missing Panel
Episode-2-final-sm r1 c3
Episode3-final-sm r1 c1
Episode3-final-sm r1 c2
Episode3-final-sm r1 c3

Bob and SatanMonkey Edit

Much like the above, this is an actual webcomic. The majority of which is available in a link below. The original "evil beer" referenced in POSTAL 2 is found below.

Gallery Edit

Featured here are pasted-together images of Steve Wik's Splatterpope and Postal Grrrl webcomic, minus the missing panel.

External Links Edit

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