Entrance to Cock Asian.

Not to be confused with the Paradise Lost version: Cock Asian (Paradise Lost)

Cock Asian is a Chinese restaurant located in the Home area, serving the "Finest Mandarin Cuisine". The place is really unsanitary as there is poo all over the bathroom, such as on the toilet seat, and even in the sink, as well as the toilet bowl being filled with urine. The kitchen is also dirty, with pieces of possibly rotten meat all over the floor, and (on Thursday and Friday) a diseased cow head on the stove. The chef of Cock Asian is really violent, and will attack the Postal Dude as soon as he enters the kitchen. Several civilians all over Paradise are seen wearing brown Cock Asian T-shirts, but it is unclear if they are part of the staff of the restaurant or are just supporting customers.

According to a sign in the entrance, the upper level is a karaoke lounge. On Wednesday, the General Election is hosted in the lounge. The place is guarded by several Police officers to ensure security of the elections. During the last days of the week, if the Postal Dude enters the office next to the lounge, an individual will come and attack him.


  • If a can of gasoline is used to place some gasoline on the mirror in the upper level, a huge flame will burst out from the mirror.
  • Its name is a play on words of Caucasian, the common designation for people of (white) European descent.
  • An overweight Police Officer is always found coming out of Cock Asian every time the player enters it.