The Chompy Game Cartridge

The Chompy Game Cartridge is an extremely rare expansion chip for the Fish Finder. When used with the Fish Finder, The Dude will be uncontrollable, he will be invincible thanks to Chompy's "Mystical Energy", and a fat red fish will appear on your radar, which you control instead of The Dude. The player must move a hungry fish called Chompy in the Fish Finder screen, and try to eat the "fish" in the radar within the "time limit". Although it LOOKS like a time limit, the number does not decrease at all, unless you move Chompy around. When Chompy reaches a "fish", the camera will snap to that target, and Chompy will use his "Dark Voodoo Powers" to kill them. You will then see the chompy sprite bite that person to death. Some prizes like health items and body armors are given depending on the number of persons killed during the minigame and are placed in your inventory. Chompy can also be used to easily kill bosses such as Krotchy and Phraud Hogslop, taking them out just as quickly as it would a bystander or a cop.

The game in action (zoom in for a clearer view)

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