Catharsis Mall

Dude outside of Mall with Fart Gun.

The Catharsis Mega Mall is an area in Postal III.

Missions Edit


Jen Walcott's Bodyguard Edit

After failing to get paid in Diseased Cat Roundup, Vince calls up the Postal Dude with a job to protect his head Postal Babe, Jennifer Walcott who is signing autographs. Things go swimmingly until the Hockey Moms from Porn World attack.

Sailor Moon

The Squid has Bukkaked Sailor Moon.

Krotchy Meal Toy Delivery Edit

After dealing with Randy Jones in the first part of this mission, the Dude now has to deal with Nerds as he gets to Krotchy's Tossed Salad for the delivery.


Battle Damage Krotchy Edit

On the run after breaking out of Jail in Prisoner without a Clue, the Postal Dude asks Krotchy if he can borrow his suit. The Ball sack is not pleased.

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