Catharsis Police Station

Outside of the station.

The Catharsis City Police Station is an area in Postal III.

Missions Edit

Pa widescreen

Unused loading screen for Police Academy.

Police Academy Edit

On The Good Path, the Postal Dude is tasked with learning how to arrest people (which replaces the human shield maneuver) on some Bums. Not happy about this, the Bums arm up and attack the police station.

Pwac widescreen

Unused loading screen from Prisoner without a Cure.

Prisoner without a Clue Edit

Having passed out in Mexico after the Viagra Courier Mission, the Dude was deported and put in jail. He awakens and is propositioned by some Ecotologists for an escort mission.

Trivia Edit

  • The two missions are exactly the same except in opposite directions.

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