The Postal Dude's "1987 Defuckyou"

Cars are objects found in Postal 2, Apocalypse Weekend and Postal 3. Despite being vehicles, they cannot be driven and are nothing more than eye candy. They can, however, be blown up if shot at thus causing a massive explosion. This explosion can be used strategically to kill enemies that are after the Postal Dude by blowing the nearest car up.

The only time a car is seen working is at the end of Apocalypse Weekend, when the Postal Dude and Champ are seen escaping and pulling the Postal Dude's trailer away from Paradise after the town is being destroyed by a nuclear explosion.


  • The Postal Dude and Paradise Times usually ridicule the fact that cars are not driveable in the game and instead are "useless exploding props".
  • The two-door hatchback variant of Car found in the game is apparently called the "1987 DaFuQue", as said by the Postal Dude in the Junkyard on Friday. It's name is an obvious attempt at crude humor.
  • In Postal 3, the Postal Dude's car is heavily designed to look like a Volkswagon Golf (North America Rabbit) Mk2.
  • There is no animation for the car door opening, as can be seen on Monday, when the Postal Dude enters the car, he actually just crouches.
  • Postal Dudes car is based on VW Golf(North America Rabbit) in Postal 2.
  • At Monday, there is taxi, and has "Money" numberplate, it also had modified BBS style rims, however in trailer it had original rims. 
  • Taxi and Police car is based on 2. Gen Ford Crown Victoria P71. 
  • Lowrider is based on 4. Gen Chevrolet Impala SS.
  • Even though the Paradise Times and the Postal Dude say that cars a nothing but "useless exploding props" the police do use them as shown in a few cut-scenes in Postal 2 and Postal 3.

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