The Can of Habib's Power Station.

The Can of Habib's Power Station is a power-up exclusive to Paradise Lost. It is a can of soda pop that, when consumed, allows the Postal Dude to dual-wield most weapons in his possession for a short-period of time. During this state, the heart next to the player's health starts beating quickly, indicating that the Dude is under the effects of the drink. The second gun can be fired by right-clicking.

While the Dude will inexplicably produce a second gun out of thin air while under the effects of the drink, ammo will be drawn from one counter, meaning that the player can burn through their entire ammo supply for a weapon if they aren't careful. The player can, however, effectively double the firing rate of whichever gun they are currently using, with a few exceptions.

Weapons that are affected by the Can of Habib's Power Station:

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