Three bandits aiming at Postal Dude.

The Bandits are a group of individuals in Paradise and their leader is Two-Ears. They are the fourth of the hate groups to appear in Paradise Lost, making their first strike on Thursday, though several Bandits are seen since Monday without attacking the Postal Dude. The Bandits have a headquarters building named Hideout (formerly Parcel Center), and have characteristic rocker style (helmets, black clothes, scarves on faces).

When the Postal Dude leaves the Chemical Factory (formerly Brewery) with the Chemicals to give it back to Gary Coleman he is ambushed by a Bandit who stun him with a Shovel. Then another Bandit appear and they steal all items and weapons from the Postal Dude's inventory, along with the Cure. The Postal Dude goes to their Hideout to recover all items. After fighting with a group of Bandits, he meets their leader, who attacks him with minigun. After his death, the Postal Dude takes the Cure and heads back to Gary, fighting with another group of Bandits.

More Bandits appear all over Paradise for the rest of the week, attacking the Postal Dude as soon as they see him.

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