The Bali is a weapon introduced in Eternal Damnation and featured in Postal 2 Complete.

Bali in Postal 2 Complete


The Bali can be found all around paradise, and a few places in hasselridge, such as inside the "employees only" room in the Emporium of the Local Health Pipe Distributor, located near Dude's Camping Van. It's capable of two attacks, one being a variation of slices and the other being a more "slice and dice" variation. Similar to weapons like the Scythe, the Boomerang Machete and the Sledgehammer, the bali carries on a unique ability. Upon getting hit with this weapon, the victim has a chance to start bleeding. After some seconds of bleeding, the victim will collapse onto the ground. Civilians carry a high chance to bleed, and the tougher the victim is in the game, such as the Police or the National Guard, the lower the bleeding chance. The bali also holds another secret power: if a person is attacked from behind, the bali will kill them instantly.Also its reference to the Spy from Team Fortress 2.This makes the bali one of the most powerful weapons, but it is quite weak on frontal attacks.


  • Upon hitting a breakable object with the bali, the bali will be bloodied up, similar to hitting a person. Same applies for the Hedge Clippers and the Axe.

Trivia Edit

  • The balisong is a Benchmade balisong since there is a Benchmade logo on the blade.

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