An early version of Postal III, showing Postal Dude using the Badgersaw.

P3 badger

The Badger Saw is a unique weapon in Postal III used by the Ecotologists.


The Badger Saw, as its name suggests, is a rabid, overgrown badger attached to a type of carrying contraption. It's primary attack has the badger senselessly mauling until it's victim is dead. It's alternate attack is mixture of piss and farts which will stun an enemy allowing the Dude to go for the kill.

The Postal Dude acquires one from the bank robbery, either as a reward if he helps the Ecotologists in the bad path, or as loot if he choses the good path by helping the police or if he choses the bad path and kills everyone inside the Bank.


  • The Badger Saw doesn't kill Bosses instantly, but it does however reduce their HP.
  • The Postal Dude will sometimes say "Badger! Badger! Badger! Mushroom! Mushroom!" while using it, obviously a reference to the viral video Badgers.

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