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The gates of the Redundant Asylum.

The Redundant Asylum is Paradise's local asylum, located in the Greenbelt area. The complex consists of three buildings with several cells in where mentally-ill people are walking about. Screams of women can be distantly heard. The place is guarded by a group of doctors, most of which are armed. If the Postal Dude goes near one of the buildings, he will hear the laugh of a crazy woman, who will try to escape the place, but will be killed by doctors. The asylum contains medkits, as well as some weapons. The grounds surrounding the buildings of the asylum are sometimes used by civilians to have picnic, and are even home to a cow in the A Week In Paradise mod.

In Paradise Lost, the Postal Dude goes to the Asylum on Wednesday to obtain A/C Part. This time the Asylum is inhabited by aggresive nurses and patients who will attack the Postal Dude with various weapons from light weapons such as Scissors or bare hands to deadly ones such as diseased cow heads, rocket launchers, or napalm launchers (and hurting each other in the process). He also meets John Murray who apparently worships the A/C Part in one of the rooms.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a large hole in the outer wall of the asylum, implying that there was a breakout of some sort.

Gallery Edit

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