"Ok, get on the intercom tell the passengers we are changing courses for the Bahamas!" — Asif

Asif piloting Flight 11.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden
Status Dead
Played by Paulino Nunes

Asif is a minor character in the Postal film.


Asif is portrayed as one of the Flight 11 hijackers in the film, and he along with Nabi are in the cockpit of the plane intent on flying it into the North tower of the World Trade Center. As they are flying, the two begin to debate about the amount of virgins they recieve for carrying out the attack. During the debate, Asif decides to phone Osama bin Laden to find out the exact amount. They find out that Osama cannot guarantee more than 20 virgins as there "aren't enough to go around", and dissapointed at this, Asif changes the flight path to the Bahamas. Abruptly however, the passengers of the plane storm the cockpit and attempt to regain control of the plane despite the two terrorist's now-friendly intensions. During the struggle, the plane inadvertedly flies into the North tower of the World Trade Center.


Although Asif does not resemble any of the real Flight 11 hijackers, he is presumably based on Mohammad Atta. Mohammad Atta was the coordinator of the hijackers on board the real Flight 11 and piloted the aircraft once hijacked, like Asif.

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